California Prisons Are COVID Hotbeds Despite Billions Spent On Inmate Health

From Corcoran and Avenal state prisons in the arid Central Valley to historical San Quentin on the San Francisco Bay, California prisons have emerged as raging COVID-19 hot spots, even as the state annually spends more on inmate health care than other big states spend on their entire prison systems.

The new state budget taking effect July 1 authorizes $13.1 billion for California’s 34 prisons, housing 114,000 inmates, more than three times what any other state spends. That sum includes $3.6 billion for medical and dental services and mental health care — roughly what Texas spends to run its entire 140,000-inmate prison system.

And, yet, despite the extraordinary dedication of resources, California prison officials are struggling to contain the COVID outbreaks, let alone prevent them. On March 25, there was just one confirmed COVID-19 case among California’s inmates. Three months later, more than 4,600 inmates have contracted the disease, an … Read more

How San Diego Is Protecting Its Homeless Population from COVID-19

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Can controlling blood pressure later in life reduce risk of dementia?

Everyone talks about the importance of treating high blood pressure, the “silent killer.” And everybody knows that untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes. But can treating high blood pressure reduce your risk of cognitive impairment and dementia?

High blood pressure is a risk factor for cognitive impairment and dementia

Cognition encompasses thinking, memory, language, attention, and other mental abilities. Researchers have known for many years that if you have high blood pressure, you have a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment and dementia. However, just because high blood pressure is a risk factor, it does not necessarily mean that lowering high blood pressure will lower your risk. Many things in health and science correlate without one causing the other (my favorite is the correlation between the drop in birth rate and the decline in the stork population). Thus, randomized, double-blind, controlled studies … Read more

Nueva ola de contagios de COVID por bares atestados

A medida que los estados alivian sus bloqueos, las barras de los bares están emergiendo como zonas fértiles para el coronavirus.

Crean un cóctel peligroso de espacios estrechos, adultos jóvenes sin miedo a enfermarse y, en algunos casos, propietarios que no imponen límites al número de clientes y reglas de distanciamiento social.

Las autoridades de salud pública han identificado los bares como el lugar de los brotes en Louisiana, Florida, Idaho y Wyoming.

El fin de semana del 20 de junio, Texas suspendió las licencias de venta de alcohol en 17 bares después que agentes encubiertos observaran que las multitudes se burlaban de las reglas de salud pública que requerían que los clientes mantuvieran una distancia segura entre … Read more

Seniors In Low-Income Housing Live In Fear Of COVID Infection

Davetta Brooks, 75, who has heart failure, a fractured hip and macular degeneration, is afraid. Conditions in her low-income senior building on Chicago’s Near West Side — the Congressman George W. Collins Apartments — are “deplorable,” she said.

Residents are not wearing masks or gloves to guard against the coronavirus, she said: “They’re touching everything on the elevator, in the laundry room. And anybody and everybody’s relatives and friends are coming in and out with no scrutiny.”

No one is checking on residents to see if they need help, Brooks said. And no one seems to know whether residents have tested positive for COVID-19 or died, though ambulances have screeched up to the entrance several times.

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