January 30, 2023

4 Gentle Forms of Exercises For People With Injuries

Whether you are a fan of fitness or not, staying active when you are injured...

Whether you are a fan of fitness or not, staying active when you are injured is really important. If you are wanting to improve your health and stay active, then give these gentle forms of exercise a go to find something that is right for you. These are also great starting points even if you aren’t injured, to get your body used to light exercise before gradually building up what you do.

Make sure you are supporting your exercise with the appropriate diet and vitamins, particularly vitamin D tablets which can help to enhance healing. It is essential that we look after our bodies, so there is no better time to get started and stay active!


Swimming is a fantastic way to help you rebuild strength after an injury. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and takes away any stress from the muscles and joints which could make it worse. Of course the nature of your injury will depend whether this is possible, however for muscle based injuries this can be fantastic. Try to visit the pool when it is quiet so you can take your time.


Start at a pace and distance that is comfortable for you and go for short walks along with another person. You will gradually be able to walk slightly quicker and further, but make sure you don’t do too much too soon. You know you’re doing too much if you can’t hold a conversation whilst walking. Going for a walk is much more gentle than a run, so is a good alternative. Your endurance will slowly build over time and you will also feel much more energised compared to no exercise at all.


If you have experienced an injury, cycling can be a good way to get back into exercise. You should look for flat routes that won’t require too high of a gear to prevent too much pressure on the muscles and joints. Start out by going slowly and just finding your bearings, and you will find you can go a bit quicker and longer each time. This won’t be great if you’ve had quite a significant leg injury, so perhaps try shorter walks or swimming instead and gradually work your way up.


Yoga is a fantastic post-injury activity as it is so diverse. You can simply do what feels right and take breaks whenever you need to. There are so many great yoga videos specifically for injuries which you could follow, or you could find specific articles based on your injury to find the best poses or stretches. If you are feeling frustrated that you haven’t been as active as you would like, yoga is also brilliant for mental health.

Final Thoughts

So, there are four gentle forms of exercise to help you become more active after an injury. It is essential that you speak to your doctor and get approval to do any of these things before trying and don’t push yourself too far. Support your exercise with the best diet possible and try to incorporate a multivitamin if your doctor says that it is good to do so. Be patient and you will build your aerobic fitness, endurance, strength without worsening your injury!