November 29, 2022

Australia coronavirus news live: south coast venues added to NSW Covid hotspots as Victoria races to trace mystery case

Thousands more people urged to get tested as national cabinet meets to discuss vaccine and...

Thousands more people urged to get tested as national cabinet meets to discuss vaccine and international travel. Follow all the latest news and updates

9.49pm GMT

Speaking of that national cabinet meeting, the acting NSW premier, John Barilaro, will not be allowed to sub in. He told the ABC:

No, I won’t be. There is a standing arrangement that it is First Ministers and when premiers aren’t in, no one subs in.

Look, Madeleine, the issue here isn’t about risk. There is risk every day with everything that we do. It is about balancing that risk against the benefits to tourism, the benefits to holding such a significant event on the calendar in New South Wales which is the Test in relation to the psychology and the health of the citizens of New South Wales.

Our message to rural and regional New South Wales was if you can avoid it, please do. But if you have got plans to come, then you will abide by the rules in place. This isn’t about keeping rural and regional people protected and not Sydneysiders. I had the opportunity to go at the and walk through the grounds with the management team andI can clearly say that we’ve got avenue there that can hold tens of thousands of people, we have got 25{81fee095584567f29e41df59d482e70712cfc555e382220efc71af2368c27a36} of that capacity. We have got everything in place to minimise the spread and after yesterday what occurred at the MCG, we made that final decision about mask wearing throughout the day.

9.44pm GMT

Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, has called on the Morrison government to fully implement the recommendations of the Halton review into hotel quarantine. (Remember that? You can read our report on it here and the full report here.)

Her comments come after Scott Morrison, after days of saying Australia did not need to require travellers from the UK to get a Covid-19 test before they get on a plane, told News Corp that travellers will be required to show a pre-flight negative Covid-19 test. The change will be discussed at a last-minute national cabinet meeting tomorrow.

Jane Halton told the PM back in August, September and October how to improve quarantine – including pre-testing passengers. 

You can read it on page 30 of her report. @ScottMorrisonMP ignored her then, it’s good he’s finally listened now.

If had a national border security quarantine plan, the #strandedAussies would have been home by Christmas and we would have been able to adapt to new challenges like the UK strain of COVID-19.

Instead, 40,000 Aussies are still stranded & we must find a way to#BringThemHome

Managing our borders is tough. But, @ScottMorrisonMP has been missing in action for too long. 

Australia needs a national border security quarantine plan – guided by Jane Halton’s expert review and medical advice. 

Our safety and our economy depends on it.

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