February 1, 2023

Australia news live: Pfizer vaccine approved in Australia; south-east set for scorching weather

Vaccine approval paves way for February rollout; high temperatures have authorities on alert amid bushfire...

Vaccine approval paves way for February rollout; high temperatures have authorities on alert amid bushfire risk in SA, NSW and Victoria. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

10.30pm GMT

Morrison said concerns about production delays in other countries is why the Australian Government had decided to put in place arrangement with CSL and AstraZeneca to produce that vaccine on shore.

That is happening now. It is underway now. Yes, we paid a premium for it. Yes, we had to put the capabilities in place with CSL to achieve that and, yes, we’re involved more broadly in the development of their production facilities in Melbourne but that was the right decision for Australia because, as much as you can, you want to be able to control as many things as you can in this country when dealing with Covid-19.

That has been our form. That will continue to be our form.

10.28pm GMT

Morrison says that Australia is now looking more at late February than mid February for the first rollout of the Pfizer vaccine, because of production difficulties in Europe.

He also noted that the Therapeutic Goods Administration had granted provisional approval to the Pfizer vaccine, not emergency approval.

This is a formal approval under the ordinary processes of the TGA and we are one of the first countries in the handful of countries to have gone through that comprehensive and thorough process here in Australia to ensure the approval of that vaccine.

We are more looking at late February now than mid-February because of the challenges that we have seen in the production and delivery for both AstraZeneca and Pfizer around the world.

You will be aware of the situation and pressures that we are seeing globally. This day last week I was holding a further video conference meeting with a number of the national leaders throughout Europe and also in Israel and they are under considerable strain and stress there, in countries that are experiencing large numbers of fatalities every day and their vaccination programs under extreme stress.

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