March 31, 2023

Australia news live update: ‘significant decrease’ in NSW Covid cases predicted for coming month; WA premier brushes off Clive Palmer lawsuit

Victoria close to Covid peak, Brett Sutton says; ‘significant decrease’ in Covid cases predicted in...

Victoria close to Covid peak, Brett Sutton says; ‘significant decrease’ in Covid cases predicted in NSW over next month; reports of new eruption detected at Tonga volcano; Australia records more than 73,000 Covid cases nationally with 31 deaths across NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT; more than 5,000 Covid cases in nation’s hospitals. Follow all the day’s news

  • Novak Djokovic deported for breach of Australia’s border rules, PM says, at odds with government’s legal case
  • ‘Outrageous’: retailers referred to AFP for price gouging rapid antigen tests
  • ‘Like a lockdown’: Australians feel the fear and anxiety of Covid
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Prime minister Scott Morrison has appeared on 2GB this morning, confirming Djokovic didn’t comply with entry requirements … but that is not why his visa was cancelled.

Australia has very clear rules and Australians have been following those rules … we apply our rules equally in this country and there was a very clear message sent – he wanted to come, he wasn’t vaccinated, well you’ve got to have a valid medical exemption and neither of those were in place. People make their own choices, and those choices meant you couldn’t come here and play tennis.

The idea someone could come and not follow those rules just was not on … he was wrong, simple as that … we didn’t give him an exemption, the federal government gave him no such exemption.

And that is that Mr Djokovic would be asked to leave, it is in the remit of the minister to do that, the judges reviewed the process and found the process the minister followed was legal. But to be quite frank, I am on the same page as Mr Djokovic. We’ll move on. And the things I will move on to are making sure to keep food on the shelves of supermarkets as … people have been interested in the story, it’s been a … soap opera. But now people are going to focus on the tennis, watch the tennis and also focus on looking after them and one of the big issues right now is making sure we keep food on the shelves at the grocery store.

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