January 30, 2023

Australian politics live: Morrison government to face pressure on jobkeeper and jobseeker as parliament returns

It’s the first sitting day of the year and debate is expected to centre on...

It’s the first sitting day of the year and debate is expected to centre on why the government is winding back Covid business support. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

10.50pm GMT

Yesterday, when asked about Craig Kelly’s continual push of debunked or unproven covid treatment options -as well as raising questions over vaccines – Scott Morrison did not censure his MP, saying people shouldn’t get their information from Facebook, but instead visit official government websites.

But people do listen to Craig Kelly.

here’s the Australian Government’s Department of Health Facebook page vs Craig Kelly’s number of interactions over the last 6 months. pic.twitter.com/1rzatuJTZ8

He’s not my doctor and he’s not yours. But he does a great job in Hughes.

10.42pm GMT

Anthony Albanese was also asked about Craig Kelly this morning. Here is what he had to say:

Craig Kelly’s actions are dangerous.

And what worries me isn’t just that his comments are dangerous, that they endanger people’s health, that those mixed messages will undermine our response to Covid. And in terms of vaccinations, if you have members of the government saying different things, I find it quite extraordinary.

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