December 3, 2020

CP Online Health

Eat Well, Life Well

Although the coronavirus pandemic shut down many organizations and businesses across the nation, KHN has never been busier ― and health coverage has never been more vital. We’ve revamped our Behind The Byline YouTube series and brought it to Instagram TV.

Journalists and producers from across KHN’s newsroom take you behind the scenes in these bite-size videos to show the ways they are following the story, connecting with sources and sorting through facts — all while staying safe.

“Contactless Reporting” By Cara Anthony

Midwest correspondent Cara Anthony takes us with her to a recording studio in Clayton, Missouri, where she voiced her latest radio story for NPR. The whole experience was “contactless,” which she said made her feel safe leaving her home early in the pandemic to get the job done. Listen to the story she produced for NPR and KHN about children living in St. Louis neighborhoods where families are forced to improvise ways to keep their children safe. Long before the coronavirus pushed them to isolate at home, they had their own version of sheltering in place ― from gun violence.