March 22, 2023

Biden to address nation as Covid deaths rise sharply before Thanksgiving – live

US records highest daily Covid deaths since May and 172,935 new cases President-elect says ‘this...

7.33pm GMT

Going on 40 years I’ve been writing columns about giving thanks, and this year I mean it: thank God that America stood up for democracy again.

This year is among the worst. Pandemic is our parlance. Covid runs wild over Iowa while its government stands back and does little. The president thumbs his nose at the virus and at the rule of law, skirted impeachment thanks to feckless senators, and would steal a win through a faithless electoral college, if he could.

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7.03pm GMT

We’re expecting a speech by Joe Biden shortly from Wilmington, Delaware “on Thanksgiving.” We’ll have video atop the blog and here’s an additional live stream:

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