October 24, 2020

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Biden's town hall drew in 1 million more viewers than Trump's – live

7.05pm BST

Trump has started speaking in Fort Myers, Florida, where he is holding an event on “protecting America’s seniors.”

The president said of the coronavirus pandemic, “We are rounding the turn. I say that all the time.”

6.57pm BST

The crowd at Trump’s Florida event on “protecting America’s seniors” is “several hundred strong,” according to the White House press pool.

The chairs in the large ballroom have been spaced apart, but some attendees have pushed them closer together. Mask-wearing at the event is also inconsistent.

President Trump’s event billed as a speech about “Protecting America’s Seniors” is in a large ballroom. Chairs are socially distanced, though some in attendance have moved them together. Mask wearing is spotty. It’s hard to say how many in attendance are actually seniors. pic.twitter.com/inBpt27nxT

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