Comfortable Muslim Sportswear

Hijab is not an excuse not to exercise. If you are worried about wearing sports clothes that shape your body, choose sports clothes specifically for Muslim women. Now, there are many products that offer gym clothes with looser models. Here are some recommendations for Muslim sports clothes that are comfortable when worn. Tips for choosing sports clothes for women

Apparently, the quality of the sport can also be determined from the clothes you use. Hijab This is because there is a difference when using a regular shirt with a special sports shirt.

Therefore, this also applies to Muslim women who are looking for sportswear.

Here are some tips for choosing sportswear for women, such as:

Wear loose and comfortable sports shirts. Choose a suit with a stretchy material that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, such as cotton, spandex, or microfiber (a blend of nylon, polyester, or both)

Avoid using materials that absorb heat so you don’t focus on exercising.

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