January 27, 2023

Coronavirus Australia live: two tennis players test positive and two cases reclassified but no reprieve from quarantine

Two positive Covid cases reclassified as cases of ‘viral shedding’ from previous infection, but hard...

Two positive Covid cases reclassified as cases of ‘viral shedding’ from previous infection, but hard lockdown of those who shared flights remains. Follow latest updates

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  • 10.14pm GMT

    There has been some interesting research released by the United States Study Centre, which found that 66{81fee095584567f29e41df59d482e70712cfc555e382220efc71af2368c27a36} of Australians, compared with 36{81fee095584567f29e41df59d482e70712cfc555e382220efc71af2368c27a36} of Americans, were extremely or very likely to be vaccinated with an approved Covid-19 vaccine.

    Only 8{81fee095584567f29e41df59d482e70712cfc555e382220efc71af2368c27a36} of Australians said they were not at all likely to use an approved vaccine, as opposed to more than a quarter (26{81fee095584567f29e41df59d482e70712cfc555e382220efc71af2368c27a36}) of Americans.

    9.54pm GMT

    Tennis Australia chief executive officer Craig Tiley says there are six active Covid-19 cases in hotel quarantine linked to the Australian Open.

    Our latest figures were seven, so we will hopefully get some clarity on that later today when Victorian officials speak.

    Well, it’s a tightrope that we walk and one of them is the safety of the Victorian community and that will not be compromised under any circumstance. I do understand the players.

    This is a new experience for them and I don’t think anyone expected to be in – to know what the 14 days was like and they are adapting to it. At the beginning, they did start – was pretty challenging with their adaptation. It’s got a lot better.

    It’s difficult for some of these people.

    We must not forget that we have invited these players also from around the world, over 100 countries to Australia, and culturally there’s a different approach to how the virus is managed. And we’re proud here in Victoria and Australia of how we have done it and protected the community like we have. And we’re going to continue to do that.

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