November 30, 2020

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Coronavirus live news: UK 'will never know true death toll'; Bolsonaro announces negative test

Johnny Depp’s in-person court case ‘galling’; Germany may introduce compulsory testing; funeral fees rise in Great Britain

4.13pm BST

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4.07pm BST

The UK will never know the true figure of how many people died from coronavirus due to the lack of testing at the outset of the crisis, according to a scientist on the government’s Sage advisory board.

Sir David Spiegelhalter, professor of understanding of risk at the University of Cambridge, has said that Britain was “operating in the dark for so long” at the beginning of the pandemic.

Never. We will never really know exactly what has gone on.

We know we have done badly, we have had this big spike and you can’t disguise that. I think the best way is to look at excess deaths rather than what was on a death certificate.

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