November 28, 2022

Covid deaths at highest level since April as Biden pledges to 'fight like hell' for US investment – live

President-elect says economic relief is his top priority CDC reduces quarantine period for asymptomatic exposures...

7.58pm GMT

Donald Trump’s threats to veto Congress’s annual defense bill unless legal protections for social media companies are removed fell flat on Capitol Hill today, including with Republicans.

Jim Inhofe, the chair of the Senate armed services committee, which is charge of creating the bill, said that he plans to move forward with the bill without provisions that will repeal protections for social media companies, teeing up a potential veto from Trump.

WH’s McEnany on if Trump is serious about vetoing defense bill because it lacks unrelated provision to repeal Section 230: The President is serious about it..the President will always defend the military..he’s going to put pressure on Congress

7.32pm GMT

Mark Kelly, a former US Navy captain and astronaut, was just sworn into his seat as a US Senator for Arizona after ousting Republican Martha McSally from her seat with a margin of just over 2 points. Kelly was sworn in by Mike Pence, with his fellow Democratic senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, holding the Bible he took his oath.

VP Mike Pence administered the oath of office to Sen. Mark Kelly, who put his hand on a bible held of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

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