November 28, 2022

Joe Biden pledges to distribute 100m vaccine shots in first 100 days of presidency – live

Biden reiterates call for Americans to wear masks Trump campaign official reportedly tests positive days...

8.04pm GMT

Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine summit went off the rails when a reporter asked him about coordinating the effort with members of Joe Biden’s transition.

The US president has boasted about the achievement of getting vaccines much quicker than expected and claimed that even his critics were praising “one of the miracles of modern medicine”. He signed an executive order that he said would prioritize the vaccine for Americans before it is shipped abroad.

But once the touchy subject of his election defeat was raised, Trump reverted to ranting about false conspiracy theories that last month’s vote was rigged and stolen from him.

“Well, we’re gonna have to see who the next administration is … hopefully the next administration will be the Trump administration … we were rewarded with a victory” — Trump is still lying about his election loss

7.52pm GMT

Speaking at the Wilmington event, vice-president-elect Kamala Harris congratulated Joe Biden on building an impressive team of health care advisers made up of eminently qualified experts.

Harris noted she and Biden spoke to frontline health care workers over the Thanksgiving holiday to express their gratitude for the workers’ service amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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