November 28, 2022

Kamala Harris cancels events after flying with two people who tested positive for Covid – live

Harris abruptly cancels travel Senate to vote on Amy Coney Barrett nomination on 22 October...

6.50pm BST

It’s been a busy morning and there’s lots more ahead, so do stay tuned. Joanie Greve will be back in the hot seat at the top of the hour and she and Maanvi Singh will take you through the afternoon and early evening.

Then, without a gap, they will close this blog and launch the special live blog at 7pm ET that will cover the lead-up to this evening’s main event, the competing town hall sessions where Donald Trump (on NBC) and Joe Biden (on ABC) take voters questions.

6.14pm BST

After two people associated with the Biden-Harris campaign tested positive, the campaign contacted reporters who might have been exposed to the virus. The White House decided not to contact-trace people who might have been exosed to Covid-19 after the “super-spreader” event in the Rose Garden.

Another contrast: the Biden campaign also contacted reporters who traveled with Biden and Harris last week ahead of this announcement, to let them know of possible exposure.

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