March 23, 2023

PM confirms ADF will send vehicles to Ukraine; Albanese criticises delayed election call – as it happened

Scott Morrison says Bushmaster vehicles bound for Ukraine after confusion in Senate estimates; PM delaying...

Scott Morrison says Bushmaster vehicles bound for Ukraine after confusion in Senate estimates; PM delaying election announcement to run political ads, Albanese claims; Michele Bullock becomes first female deputy governor of RBA; child younger than five in SA among at least 16 Covid-related deaths across nation. This blog is now closed

  • Zali Steggall more likely to support Coalition in hung parliament if Scott Morrison dumped
  • NSW floods: body found in Lismore believed to be missing nurse Anita Brakel
  • Anthony Albanese pledges $2.5bn extra for struggling aged care system
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Independent Zali Steggall has certainly caused a stir last night after she was pushed to admit on Q&A that, if the Coalition was to change their leadership (and give Morrison the boot) she would be open to the idea of supporting them if it came down to a hung parliament.


Well, where it’s changed is the conversation we’ve just had around leadership. And I do have grave concerns in relation to Scott Morrison’s leadership.

I want to be clear on this. If they had a different leader, you might support them into a minority government?

Ah, that is obviously an open possibility.

Look, I think if you look at Steggall’s voting record she’s been with the Labor party and the Greens on many more occasions than she’s been with the Liberal party so we should be realistic.

I think we should look at words and actions. I know Zali, I deal with her, I like her but I would be amazed if Zali Steggall supported the Liberal party if there was to be a hung parliament.

We know that [China has] been trying to get into Papa New Guinea and elsewhere to build ports. We know that they’re already in Sri Lanka. And this is a very concerning development.

On that question of whether it’s become a done deal or whether we can you know, stop it. What’s, what’s your view on that?

Well, again, I mean, there are some things that we’ll say publicly and other things that we’re able to do privately and we’re working closely with the Solomon Islands …

I mean, they’re a sovereign nation, and they have the ability to make decisions for themselves and we fully respect that and they will do what’s in what they believe is in their country’s best interest, but I think there are many neighbouring countries in the region who have expressed their concern, rightly, about this development.

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