March 23, 2023

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand urge Cuomo to resign amid sexual harassment allegations – live

Senators say governor has ‘lost confidence’ with New Yorkers Minneapolis reaches $27m settlement with George...
  • Senators say governor has ‘lost confidence’ with New Yorkers
  • Minneapolis reaches $27m settlement with George Floyd’s family
  • Biden tells states to make all adults vaccine eligible by 1 May
  • Politics Weekly Extra podcast: The fight for voting rights in the US
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12.53am GMT

Hundreds of immigrant children and teens, detained by Border Patrol in Texas, have been forced to sleep on the floor in dangerously crowded conditions, without access to regular showers or essential hygiene products like soap and shampoo, according to the Associated Press.

Nonprofit lawyers who interviewed more than a dozen children this week in Donna, Texas, found that many had been detained for weeks and had not been allowed to contact their parents or relatives. The lawyers, who were denied entry by the Biden Administration, were not able view conditions inside the tent facility where more than 1,000 people are being held.

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12.28am GMT

Earlier today, New York Magazine published an account from Jessica Bakeman, a former New York statehouse reporter, described an incident in 2014 between herself and New York governor Andrew Cuomo at a holiday party for the press taking place at the governor’s mansion.

Bakeman describes how she went up to Cuomo to thank him for inviting her and to offer her best wishes for the recovery of his father, Mario Cuomo, who was dying at the time. She describes how Cuomo grabbed her, one hand around her waist, holding her in place as they were taking pictures. Bakeman said she tried to squirm away, but the governor continued to hold her in place.

He turned to me with a mischievous smile on his face, in front of all of my colleagues, and said: “I’m sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable? I thought we were going steady.”

I stood there in stunned silence, shocked and humiliated. But, of course, that was the point.

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