November 30, 2020

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The Guardian view on Johnson and the public mood: poles apart | Editorial

The free school meals row reveals a dangerous gulf between the priorities of Boris Johnson’s government and the country at large

In his doctoral thesis, The Division of Labour in Society, Émile Durkheim came up with idea of “organic solidarity” to explain how, in a just, cohesive society, a sense of mutual recognition helped knit together the social fabric and prevent alienation and conflict.

The founding father of French sociology would have taken a keen interest in the results of a new study published by the More In Common thinktank. Through extensive polling, interviews and focus group discussions, the report offers a snapshot of how Britons have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic. Researchers found that, since February, a majority of people feel they have an increased awareness of how others live their lives. From the punishing schedules of NHS staff and the vital services provided by key workers, to the struggles of the working poor, we have learned a lot about each other.

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