November 27, 2022

Trump says top coronavirus expert Fauci is 'a little bit of an alarmist' – live

President insists he has a good relationship with Fauci Trump’s strategy: paint Biden as puppet...

4.06pm BST

Dr Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, has appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press.

He is asked whether he has been told to fire or demote Anthony Fauci by anyone in the White House. “Nobody has asked me to do that and I find that concept unimaginable,” he says. “And I am amused that everybody’s calling me Dr Fauci boss because his real boss is his wife, Christine Grady. She might have something to say about that.”

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3.53pm BST

The interview ends with Trump being asked how he will remember his years in the White House. He strikes a familiar, self-pitying tone.

“I think I was very unfairly treated,” he says. “From before I even won I was investigation by a bunch of thieves, crooks. It was an illegal investigation.”

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