January 27, 2023

Trump supporters gather in Washington as president refuses to concede – live

Trump comes close to admitting defeat but stops short of concession Is Biden walking into...

7.08pm GMT

A standard-issue ordinarily extraordinary intervention from Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican congresswoman-elect from Georgia who has…

… faced scrutiny for racist and bigoted statements and her support of QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory rooted in antisemitic tropes whose followers believe Donald Trump is secretly fighting against a cabal of Democrats, billionaires and celebrities engaged in child trafficking, and which the FBI has identified the movement as a potential domestic terrorism threat, and it has repeatedly inspired vigilante violence.

I work out everyday in a CrossFit gym that is open.

With people.

Gyms are small businesses that have been devastated by the government mandated shut downs.

In DC, NOTHING is open bc of Democrat tyrannical control.

So here’s my hotel room workout.

We must FULLY reopen! pic.twitter.com/oDsgGyhRvx

6.54pm GMT

Donald Trump may have forced a recount of the votes in Georgia that helped end his presidency, but the activists who organised the surge in turnout that helped defeat him have already turned their attention to two elections that will decide who controls the US Senate and the course of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Tens of millions of dollars are pouring in to the Georgia runoff races, which can be expected to draw Biden back to the campaign trail as voters have the opportunity to make history by defeating the state’s two Republican senators to give the new president control of both houses of Congress.

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