March 30, 2023

Twitter flags Trump tweet for false and 'misleading statement' on mail-in voting – live

Trump falsely claims election result may never accurately be determined Trump accused of sexual assault...

6.09pm BST

Here’s where the day stands so far:

5.56pm BST

Trump is reportedly expected to denounce some US schools’ focus on slavery and racism in its history lessons when the president speaks at the National Archives later today.

Bloomberg News reports:

‘The president will deliver remarks on his administration’s efforts to promote a more balanced, accurate, and patriotic curricula in America’s schools,’ the White House said in a statement.

That includes criticizing what the White House calls ‘the liberal indoctrination of America’s youth.’ Trump is expected to explicitly fault the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project.’ The Pulitzer-Prize winning public school curriculum developed by the newspaper orients American history from the date that the first slave ship arrived in what later became the U.S.

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