November 29, 2020

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UK coronavirus: Boris Johnson to give press conference on new lockdown in England as UK passes 1m cases – live news

Follow the latest on the virus in the UK as the PM is expected to set out plans for a month-long lockdown in England amid warnings that infections are ‘running riot’

6.45pm GMT

Tory backbenchers are fuming, according to the FT’s Jim Pickard.

I’ve been corrected by another Tory MP who says volcanic isn’t strong enough, “it’s more like nuclear”

6.39pm GMT

Tick tock…

Yet another delay (till 6.45 apparently) gives time for tonight’s puzzle. Complete the following sentence “When I said a national lockdown was a terrible idea what I really meant was ….”

Delay caused by Johnson and Gove still disagreeing about whether to keep in the Bond joke

Downing St knows Strictly starts at ten past 7, yes?

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