March 23, 2023

US passes 5m Covid-19 cases amid anger over economic relief impasse – live

America leads the world by quite some way in cases of the deadly virus ‘This...

4.44pm BST

Senate minority whip Dick Durbin has said Democrats face a moral dilemma over whether to challenge Donald Trump’s latest executive actions in court.

While some have questioned the legality of the president’s actions, Durbin admitted a legal fight may not be worth it if it means delaying benefits for those in need.

4.32pm BST

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro has described Donald Trump, who has notched up 284 golf course visits during his presidency, as “the hardest working president in history”.

Navarro was appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press when host Chuck Todd asked him why the president has been at his golf course in New Jersey rather than leading negotiations over an economic relief package.

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