June 8, 2023

US vaccine supplies look set to surge as Johnson & Johnson gets nod from panel advising FDA – live

Company to deliver 20m doses by March and 100m by the end of June Report:...

12.26am GMT

While some Republicans at CPAC appear to be rallying around Texas senator Ted Cruz and his ill-timed trip to Cancun, some of his colleagues in the Senate appear to be having some fun.

NBC News is reporting that someone had taped around the senate gym locker room images of Cruz dragging his overpacked suitcase through the airport, along with “welcome back” messages of “Bienvenido de Nuevo, Ted!

The rendering featured a manipulated photo of Cruz from his well-documented trip to Mexico, dragging his luggage across an arctic landscape while holding a tropical cocktail garnished with a slice of fruit in his other hand. He is shown walking toward an image of a masked Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. with his arms crossed and wearing striped, knitted gloves — a pose famously captured during January’s inauguration.

Ted Cruz’ fruity drink and suitcase meets Bernie Sanders’ mittens.

Some unknown senator(s) ribbing Ted Cruz this week https://t.co/OCi9FtuRYq

11.40pm GMT

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has issued a statement saying he supports Joe Biden’s decision to authorize airstrikes in Syria, his first military act as president, which has killed 22 near the border town of Abu Kamal.

“I believe the president acted well within the authorities of his office,” McConnell said.

INBOX: McConnell backs Biden on Syria strike. pic.twitter.com/s1clImg0Ca

McConnell: “I support President Biden’s decision to authorize strikes against facilities associated with Iranian-backed terrorist groups responsible for attacks against American interests in Iraq.”
Still no comment from Schumer and Pelosi on strike

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